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Travelling in the shoulder season is one of the hallmarks of a responsible traveller. Avoid the crowds, queues and high season fees, and visit Budapest during the autumn months. September is undoubtedly one of the liveliest months of the year in the Hungarian capital. Budapest Urban Adventures team is excited to take you on our special adventures in September too! Also, we are thrilled because we LOVE wine and this month equals wine festivals, the season of colourful fruits and veggies like plum, grapes, cabbage and tomatoes, sunny and not too hot, not too cold weather. Ready? Read the must-dos below!

Wine tasting at Budapest Wine Festival

A scene from our Fine Wines & Ruin Bars tour


Although the arrival of September means that the summer is over, we feel more than well compensated by the many wine festivals organized in Budapest during this month. Budapest Wine Festival is taking place at the courts of the Buda Castle, which provides fascinating monumental background and breathtaking view overlooking to the Pest side of the city. Visitors can wander among almost 200 wine and food stands, try the specialities of several Hungarian wine regions and enjoy some live concerts.

If you want to gain a piece of general knowledge about Hungarian wine culture, you can also join our Fine Wines and Ruin Bars tour!

For this 4-day festival experience, you can get a pass for 7.000 HUF (approx. 21 EUR), or you can purchase a daily ticket for 3.900 HUF (approx. 12 EUR). These prices include a crystal tasting glass, a glass holder, unlimited exits and re-entries for the selected day(s) and free entry to permanent exhibitions of the Budapest History Museum.

Date: September 5-8, 2019


Visiting the  local markets

Visiting markets can be the best experience of your Budapest stay if you choose the right places. The Great Market Hall is well-known by travellers, the largest covered market of Budapest understandably attracts masses of tourists and locals every day. At the many meat counters, you can buy fresh, healthy meat for your lunch or try the traditional spicy sausages, salamis made from mangalitza, grey cattle, goose, and deer and so on. Then just take two steps to arrive at the vegetable stall of aunt Marika, who will be more than happy to help you find the finest ingredients for your goulash soup. This personal and homely vibe gets even stronger if you visit one of the lesser-known markets: Inner City Market (Belvárosi piac) in Hold Street is just a couple of streets away from the Parliament building, or Klauzál Square Market Hall in the Jewish district. Even though the language barrier can be an issue at these places, the vendors will make sure to make you understand them with hand gestures, vocal imitations and small samples.

If you want to experience the ruin bars and the markets as well you can kill two birds with one stone by visiting one of the Sunday Farmers’ Market in Szimpla or Élesztő, where local real first producers bring what they grew and made by their own hands week by week. Their products are 100% chemical-free and came from the nearby area from the manufacturer.


Breakout from an escape room

Budapest has many exciting and challenging escape rooms and is often called the European capital of this genre. This is a perfect activity on a rainy day or a too-hot day, to improve teamwork or get to know each other better. Maybe after a day full of Hungarian culture and history or on one spent with discovering ruin bars. So basically for anyone at any time.

At the edge of the Jewish District of Budapest, there is an alternative world underground, called Neverland. This place is more than just an escape room: the fun doesn’t have to be over after one hour! Choose from the Jailbreak, Insane Asylum, Wild West, Wizard Trials, Spaceship, or spend some time in the bar and get away from reality in the VR room.

Anyone obsessed with detective novels and crime TV shows can try their knowledge at Detectivity. This escape room is located near to Heroes’ square, where kids, families, friends or co-workers can choose from many themes and crime scenes to solve.

Hiking in the Buda hills

Árpád kilátó

Budapest is one of those cities where nature lovers don’t need to travel too far to get into the woods and be able to enjoy a nice walk, some fresh air and great views.

Árpád lookout tower is situated on the 364 m high Látó-hill, within a 30-minute ride from the city centre. Thanks to its location hikers who reach the tower can enjoy the view of light up bridges and buildings of Budapest. From Batthyány Square the Bus nr. 11 and get off at Nagybányai út. To reach the lookout it takes only a 15-minute walk, which you can extend to a 10 km hike by following the blue, green and yellow trails.


Discovering the landscape and wines of Tokaj wine region

Tokai wine

The harvest of the fresh white grape varieties starts at the and of August. Anyone who is interested in the science of winemaking or would like to taste traditional Hungarian wines, the world-famous Tokaj wine region is a great destination for a one or two-day trip during the autumn. As the world’s first closed wine region and a world heritage site, Tokaj name is a guarantee for elegance, quality and traditions in winemaking. We at Budapest Urban Adventures love Tokai wine, but strictly drink it with our delicious Hungarian deserts.

Aszú dessert wine, or the “wine of kings, the king of wines” as Louis XIV. said, is the speciality of the region, made by using the Botrytised (a beneficial form of a grey fungus, Botrytis cinerea, affecting wine grapes) grapes which result in a very sweet, rich and characteristic flavoured beverage, something must-try when in Hungary.