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Guess what? We at Budapest Urban Adventures LOVE coffee so collected our favourite cafés in downtown for YOU to try!

  Imagine ….. You are strolling on the streets of Budapest, and you smell delicious COFFEE! YUM. Would you want to find out where this amazing smell comes from? I bet you do. Well, if you’re keen on a nice cappuccino an exceptional coffee, or a cold brew on a hot summer day, you will find your choice in our capital for sure!


Warm Cup coffee shop


Coffee houses always had a unique role in the life of Budapest. The first coffee house opened its doors at the beginning of the 18th century, and the number of such institutions grew fast. By the end of the 19th century, almost 600 coffee houses welcomed their visitors in the city: those who wanted to read, talk, play cards, exchange ideas or work and write articles and poems to be published in one of the local papers… One of our writers called Budapest the “Coffee city” and he was right: one could hardly walk a few meters without passing by one of these fantastic places.
Budapest has changed a lot through the past century, but coffee still has an important role in the locals’ life.


Divine cakes & coffee, and atmosphere at New York Café

Let’s start with something exquisite and truly amazing like New York Café, one of the still-functioning, oldest coffee houses of Budapest. This magnificent place is situated by Blaha Lujza Square, on the busy side of the city, in Pest. This is not just Budapest’s most fantastic coffee place; it is the most beautiful in the entire world. You can try a “24 Carat Gold New York Cappuccino” or one of the specialities like the “Apple Pie Choice”. Enjoy some of the beautiful cakes and bites there while enjoying the architectural beauty of the building, gold layering, and art. A must-see while you’re here!



  Hungarian traditions at Szamos Café

When we wish to enjoy a coffee with a classical Dobos – our traditional layered cake with caramelized sugar coat on top, Szamos is the place to be! Also, marzipan is worth to try there! There are two Szamos Cafés in perfect locations, choose one of them and show up any time on a sightseeing day. There is one at the corner of Vaci Street (the main pedestrian street) and Vorosmarty Square. The other one is just by the Parliament building, you can enjoy the view of it from the café’s terrace. Our Parliament building is the 3rd largest parliament in the world so what can be a better view for a coffee than that?



      Locally international, My Little Melbourne

You will find this small and unique place in the heart of the city at Madach Square, where one of the best coffee is served. Just try some of their refreshing cold coffees or their cool brewed drinks! Absolute heaven for coffee lovers and the perfect pit stop on the way to or from the Jewish Quarter! Australian style, Budapest service 🙂



Something relaxing with sweet vegan bites

Madal Café


Madal Espresso & Brew Barjust a few footsteps away from our Parliament building, is a relaxing spot for coffee. They are serving fantastic coffee and cakes, lots of them are vegan! The poppy seed and lemon cake are absolutely fantastic, just like their raw vegan bonbons. The calming atmosphere and excellent design help to recharge yourself with a coffee and some sweets on a busy sightseeing day in the city. There is another Madal Espresso & Brew Bar close to Vaci street, and why not try both? 



Warm Cup on the busy Grand Boulevard

Warm Cup’s speciality: Espresso-tonic!

Get ready for a unique coffee experience with a twist. Visit Warm Cup and try their espresso-tonic! A unique and refreshing way to enjoy an espresso. We really like this place on the Grand Boulevard at 39 Erzsebet Korut. Delicious homemade cakes and excellent coffee are guaranteed at this small shop in the middle of the city!



Mantra Speciality Coffee Bar – Hey-hey foodies!

Truly marvellous spot with absolutely stunning coffee selection and coffee specialities. At the lovely green and leafy Veres Pálné street, just a few minutes away from the famous Central Market Hall you will find yourself at the best spot to enjoy something even more cool, exciting and delicious than an espresso. Ok (their espresso is also merely fantastic) but their filtered coffee, a cold matcha latte on ice or cold brew tonic is what you want to go for! After having some bites inside the market hall stop here for a bit, relax and enjoy the coffee experience.


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