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Budapest Bites & Sights Food Tour

What is a good souvenir? Well, it can be very personal depending on whom you would like to surprise with it. But we can agree on a few things. It should be locally produced, it’s also one of the cornerstones of any Urban Adventures tour is to visit and this way support local businesses, communities. It should be something that you can not find in any other destinations; it should also be eco-friendly or at least something useful so it won’t turn to be garbage after a few weeks.

 Here are five things that meet with these requirements.


Budapest Markets

Trends & Flavours of Bohemian Budapest Tour

The quality of the Hungarian paprika is world-famous. Let’s say that you fell in love with the flavourful, spicy Hungarian dishes. How? Well, you had an amazing Bites & Sights food tour with a Budapest Urban Adventures guide, who gave you the secret recipe of their grandmother’s goulash soup… you will definitely need paprika powder from Kalocsa or Szeged to make it.

If your country’s custom allows it, Mangalitza sausage is another one of a kind present to buy during your Budapest stay. The furry Hungarian pig breed almost died out by the 1990s, luckily we discovered the importance of the unique animal in time, and it became a speciality of the national cuisine.







Pálinka Tasting on our Fine wines & Ruin Bars tour

Pálinka, our fruit brandy, the Hungarian penicillin that cures every illness and helps you digest the heavy, hearty traditional dishes is a must-try. Whether it’s made with plum, pear, apricots or grapes, it will be an experience that you will want to share with your loved ones.


Wine-lovers don’t have to worry either, from the 22 wine regions Hungary has, everyone will be able to find a wine that fits their taste. Red wine drinkers should have a sip or two from the famous Bull’s Blood of Eger, while white-fans can experiment with a Furmint from Tokaj. But of course, the dessert wine, Tokaji Aszú should not be missing from the list. The “king of wines, wine of kings” is a world-famous Hungarian product since the 18th century.






Yamuna nature cosmetics

More and more cosmetic company seeks to prepare natural-based, cruelty-free products. The strictest natural cosmetic requirements are applied for Hungarian Ilcsi beauty products, that are manufactured from only the best quality biomaterials: fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. They use more than 100 plants are used for the products, most of them are grown on Aunt Ilcsi’s on bio plantation

Yamuna brand has grown out from a hobby. The owner loved to spend his time making soaps from all-natural ingredients, first for just himself, then for his family and friends. Later he took some of his products to a local market, and people just loved it. Today Yamuna cosmetics are loved and purchased all over the country, but you can still sense the owner’s caring and enthusiasm about his work. Grape seed oil and Hévíz mud products are genuinely Hungarian and customer’s favourite.

Last but not least is our Favourite Made in Hungary product from natural ingredient is Ashanti cosmetics! 



                                                                                                        Design products

Product: pastel ceramics by Manta-Szabó Zsuzsanna

Discover the Hungarian design scene where you can find many exciting styles: pure and minimalistic, vivid and colourful, the fusion of traditional motifs and sharp edges etc. Visit WAMP design markets (held every month, next ones on October 6 and November 17). Meet the cream of talented, local artists like one of our tour guide, Zsuzsi, who dedicated her life to give perfectly unperfect shapes and shades to every ceramic she creates. You can find her works (under the brand of Pastel Ceramics) and many other unique art-pieces (clothes, jewellery, accessories, home furnishings, photos, culinary treats) that will surely be a souvenir that no one else but you have.







                                                                                                     Rubik’s Cube

Budapest Bites & Sights Food Tour

Fine Wines & Ruin bars tour

Did you know that Rubik’s Cube was invented by a Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Ernő Rubik in 1974? The puzzle became popular in the 1980s and can be a perfect souvenir for every generation. For kids who are used to all kinds of electronic devices nowadays, this game would be a very different impulse for their brain and for parents, grandparents Rubik’s Cube could bring back so many good old memories. Where to buy it? Run by locals Memorys of Hungary will be a great option to buy your rubrics cube.