About Us

Our team is made up of a talented group of Hungarians with extensive knowledge and experience in the travel industry and a real passion and pride for their home and travel the Urban Adventures way. Among our team members are professionals who have studied and worked in the tourism industry for over ten years, as well as individuals who have travelled and worked in Europe as Tour Leaders for Intrepid Travel.

As a team, we are committed to the Urban Adventures Responsible Travel policy and implement this across our entire operation. We ask you, the traveller, to read the Urban Adventures Responsible Travel policy carefully, in particular, “Responsible Travel Guidelines for Travellers” and “Urban Adventures Top 12 Responsible Travel Tips” and always keep these in mind when travelling, not just on an Urban Adventure but the whole time you are on the road.

Our team members are real travellers as well. We ourselves like going on shorter or longer discovery tours in Budapest, around Hungary and all over the world. We are all interested in art, nature and gastronomy. We love to meet people and share thoughts and experiences – this is what brought us to work in this industry.

We would love to share our knowledge and local experience, so come and get to know Budapest with us on one of our personal Budapest tours.